Summary Na Engleskom Knjige Jevreji Zatocenici Logora Crveni

na engleskom knjige “Jevreji zatočenici Logora Crveni Krst” Zorana Milentijevića
The history of the Jews, one of the oldest peoples who also live in Yugoslavia, represents the integral part of the history of our peoples. They have been present on the territory of our country since time immemorial. The Jews also lived in Nish in the Roman period. In 1878, shortly before the liberation from the Turks, there were 900 Jews out of 12817 inhabitants. The number was gradually reducing by migrations into bigger towns and on the eve of war there were more than 100 families with 360 members. In World War II they experienced the tragic destiny of mass destruction. German anti-Semite orders outlowed them; The Germans limited tneir movement, deprived them of public functions, robbed and confiscate their pro¬perty, took them for forced labour and stamped with yellow bands. In Octobar 1941, they arrested men and put them into the concentration camp »Red Cross” After the famous breach of the camp on the 12 of February 1942, the Germans made reprisals for the attack and carried out mass execution on Bubanj hill near Nish on the 17 th and 19 th February 1942. A lot of Jews and hundreds of camp inmates were killed on that occasion. In February, after the liquidations of men in these mass executions, the Germans transported all women and children to the concentration camp Sajmište. They were suffocated in a special car and burried at Jajinci, the famous place of execution, near Belgrade.
The Jews from many parts of Serbia were also imprisoned in the concentration camp »Red Cross* and killed on Bubanj hill.
The tragedy the Jews experienced in Nish under Fascism is a part of the universal tragedy of many countries and peoples during World War II. But the tragedy of the Jews would be also understood as a part of the realisation of a horrible fascist plan for mass destruction in a brutal and cruel way. It was the result of the systematic German policy towards The Jews.

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